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About Us
Rongnee History
Rongnee is a company who makes metal parts and plastic parts who specialized in metal stamping, machining and plastic injection moulding. 2005 Rongnee set up in Shanghai by Steven Lu who is a mold designer and builder. He can speak good English, devotes his lifetime for the manufacturing. He is still learning master degree of management now.
In June of 2012 Steven Lu shut down Shanghai Rongnee , Hongkong Rongnee was opened instead then; In May of 2014 Hunan Rongnee was registered, Steven Lu runs this factory at his hometown near to Yangtze river in the southern China, his customers come from worldwide just like earlier business he did in Shanghai. Rongnee’s parts and products ship out to everywhere and are used in many fields.
Rongnee has stamping machines, millers, grinders, lathes, EDM machines, NC machines and so on, the capacity of production is strong, it is always satisfying customers properly and nicely. Every year Rongnee together with customers develops new products with new designs and new moulds to meet the new demands that market arises.
2023 the global economy hobbled in the harsh time, Rongnee stood together with his customers to overcame difficulties and slowdowns. To live a life was his first choice, deliberately and carefully make the moulds and shape the parts to a high quality that can fulfill Rongnee’s loyalty and integrity to all his customers.
2024 it is known as loong year that symbolized prosperity, Rongnee will continuously make nice parts, bring profit and power to his foundation, Rongnee is an accountable company to his customers as well to himself.
Rongnee company
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